Thursday, December 11, 2008

Question #3

Describe the characteristics of the sun and explain why the sun is important to us.


Anonymous said...

The sun is our biggest and closest star. You know that the sun is very hot and is unable to sustain life ,but the sun is very important to us! I f we didn't have the sun we wouldn't be alive. It is because of the earth's distance that weather and life is good. If the sun was too close all our water would evaperate if the sun was too far the earth would be too cold so that is one reason why the sun is important. With the heat and warmth of the sun plants are able to grow. Animals that eat plants relie on the sunlight to grow plants. Animals that eat other animals need plants to grow so they can eat plant eating animals. Did you know that if the sun wasn't here that it wouldn't rain at all that's because the sun controls the water cycle. It's also a fact that if the sun wasn't here we wouldn't be abl to see the moon at all it would still be there ,but we wouldn't be able to see it at all. That's all im going to tell you for know oh one more thing don't look into the sun it's so bright it can make you go plain blind. That's all I have to tell you so ill see you guys next blog.

from mariela,

Anonymous said...

The sun is the star closest to earth. It is important to earth because it gives us light and heat. Another reason the sun is important to us is that it lets plants grow. If we did not have plants than people would not be able to breath. I`m glad the sun will not go out for another billion years.


Anonymous said...

The sun is known as a star. Are sun is also are closest star, and known for it's light. Plus without it's light we wouldn't have water, plants, planets: such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and most importanly us. Plus animals would not be here eather pretty much nothing would be here.