Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Saturn, and the Sun is a part of the Solar System.
One fact about the Sun is we should never look at the Sun too long.
Light comes from the Sun so does heat.
A planet is something that rotates or orbits around the Sun.
Rotating is very important to the Earth [which we live on,]. We rotate around the Sun and on our axis.

Seasons happen beause of the tilt of Earth.
Your electicy in your home can happen because of the Sun if your have solar panels.
Sun is the closet star.
The axis is an imaginary line that runs from the South Pole, and Nouth Pole.
Earth is the ONLY planet that has life.
Moons don't give light on it's own the sun shines it's light, and the moon reflects it.


Mrs. Heaton's Blog said...

Your rotating fact was very good and original. I also liked that you included the fact that you shouldn't look at the sun for long periods of time. Not a lot of people put that.

Mrs. Heaton

Mom said...

That was very good. I am so glad you are enjoying science a little more this year. Keep up the good work.