Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Earth Day Posts - Explained

Below you will find students Earth Day blog posts. The assignment required students to research and hyperlink a website related to Earth Day to share with their audience (teacher or student).

Students received extra points for posting a picture and having their hyperlinks up by Earth Day (Wed. April 22nd).

We then had a computer lab day where students could check out the different blog posts and hyperlinks below.


Mrs. Heaton

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Game

I recommend this game to any person who likes activities that are fun and teach you about air pollution.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day - Pollution Game

Click on this game to identify things that cause pollution.


Earth Day - Trash Game

Here is a game all about putting trash in the right place. It is great for Earth Day.


Earth Day - Compost Information for Kids

Find composting information and test your knowledge with a true and false quiz. There is a word search at the bottom.


Earth Day-Composting video

Our class played this game. It gave good information and facts about composting.


Earth Day - Quiz

Test how much you know about Earth Day and the environment in this interactive quiz for kids.


Earth Day-Composting Fun

This game is about someone taking things from their home and it also tells you if the thingst should go in the composting box.


Earth Day - Recycle House

Play fun games that helps you know more about EARTH DAY in this Time Magazine site for Kids. There is a game you can play with a house where you learn ways you can save energy.


EarthDay - Slider Puzzle

This is a hard but fun Earth Day slider puzzle but the good thing is there is different levels so you can pick and choose.


Earth day - activity sheets

You can find lots of cool activities for fun

Earth Day - Water Worries Article

This is a Time for Kids article about water worries. There is also a link to other Time for Kids Earth Day activities.


Earth Day - 10 Ways To Stop Global Warming

Check out the Time Magzine for Kids website for 10 easy ways to help stop global warming.


Earth Day recycle game

I recommend a game called MICHAEL, MICHAEL GO RECYCLE. It is fun and educational. You have to go around, find trash, and deposit it into a recycling bin and then find your friend (He is bad at first and then when you get him he turns to your friend.).


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth - day website

Check out this website! has great information on how to help the environment.


Earth Day

The follwing website is fun because you get to do fun activities and fun games.
It also gives you recycling tips and links to other websites and how to save our planet.
Here is the link:


Recycling City

Play this Recycling Game.


Earth Day Hang Man Game

Play this Earth Day Hang Man Game. It is alot of fun.


Earth Day

To stop water from being wasted you can refill a waterbottle insted of wasting the water inside the bottle you need to drink it . And you can reuse the waterbottle.

Earth Day- Youtube

Learn how to compost with this easy video. Our class watched this video and now we have a composting bin of our own.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Earth Day is honoring our planet and reminding us to take care of it. We should make every day an Earth Day so let us plant trees pick up road side trash, recyle and conserve. Let us use recyclable containers for snacks and lunches.

Earth day

Earth is a nice place. We need to keep Earth clean. People like me are consernd about Earth. I like Earth.

Click hear to watch a vido. Earth

Earth Day - Books and Movies

Check out this website. It gives you ideas for books and movies to help you celebrate Earth Day.


Earth Day Recycle Craft

Make a magazine holder out of a cereal box and help recycle for Earth Day.

Earth Day-Big Green Help

To get a hang of what Earth Day is about go to Nickoloedens Big Green Help. This is where you fight evil monsters that are poluting are comunity. This may help you help pick up our community in real life. The Big Green Help is a fun way to help our enviorment.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day - Climate Change Website

This website on "Ology" is about the climate change has cool games and ways you can help the Earth. It has coloring pages, games, cool books to buy, and a cool checklist to print out on ways to go green. I recommend this for teachers and for kids.


Earth Day - Earth Hog Game

Learn how to conserve energy in this Energy Hog Game.


Earth Day-Activites and Games

This website has a lot of fun games and activites for the family to do at home.


Earth Day - Disney Channel

I would recamend watching Disney Channels Protect The Planet Marathon which is on Wednesday, April 22 because it can give you ideas on how to save the planet.


Earth Day - Games

This is a Canadian site for kids with games, coloring pages, and links to what other kids are doing for Earth Day.


Earth Day - Coloring Online Pages

This website has Earth Day coloring pages that you can either print out and do or you can color from your computer. Fun!


Earth Day-Poem and Songs

These are some poems and songs that can help you understand the theme of Earth Day.


Earth Day Tips

This is a great way to learn about recycling. Also about other ways to help make our earth a cleaner place. I hope you read about this stuff on the website.


Earth Day- Voicethread

If you want to learn more about Going Green this Earth Day please check out this voicethread I put together. I hope you enjoy my presintation!

Mary Claire

Earth Day - Kids Information Site

This site has lots of ideas of how you can help protect our world. If your a teacher I recomend this site. It has songs, videos, games, and much more.


Earth Day Garbage Game

You can Clean Up Your World with this fun drag-and-drop game. It makes a great kids' introduction to recycling, the earth sciences and the environment. This is a great way to learn what to recycle.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day - Book Recommendation

I recommend the book called Our Planet - Change is Possible by the Myspace Community for Earth Day. It is advertised as a "complete how-to guide to saving the environment".

I found it very easy to read with lots of short ideas, suggestions, and facts broken up so it is not overwhelming. One can easily pick it up and skim through areas of interest and not have to read it cover-to-cover (but it is still interesting to read cover-to-cover). I keep it in my car and if I am going someplace where I have to sit and wait without reading material I can grab it.

I would highly recommend the purchase for any teachers classroom (from upper elementary to high school).

Mrs. Heaton

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Astronomy Projects and Potluck

Below, under separate blog posts, you will find four astronomy projects that the fourth grade students at Mossy Oaks Elementary School put together in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy.
To showcase these projects and telescopes that the students made, as part of a grant received by the Northern Beaufort County Public Education Foundation, the fourth grade team hosted a family potluck.
The original plan was to have members of the Oglethorpe Astronomical Association join us with their larger telescopes but sadly it rained all day and night. Despite the bad weather we were thrilled with the turn out of students and parents (over 100 folks in attendance).
The feedback we received from parents and students was overwhelmingly postive and we hope to do something similar in the future.
Mrs. Heaton



Astronomy A to Z

Monday, April 6, 2009

Life in a Bubble - Animoto

No Name Calling Contest - Winner

Congratulations to Justin who won second place in the No Name Calling Creative Expression Contest. The contest had over 1,000 entries so to have placed second in his age category is pretty impressive!

To see his winning entry on line click here.

Pictured above are other entries that were submitted from our class and put on display.

Mrs. Heaton