Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pollution Solution #6

We had a lot of things on our land. Probably a little too much because we were not thinking about all the trees and animals we were affecting. But on our land we had....
Bike rentals
Nursing Home - Solar panels. Recyling.
Animal Shelter - Soundproof walls. Solar panels
School - Recyling, solar panels
Church - Solar panels, recycling
Hospital - Solar panels, soundproof walls, recycling
Garden - Grew food and sold it locally so people didn't have to drive in with big trucks. Used compost as fertilizer.
Hotel - CFC lights. Recycling. Purchased food from garden.
Pool - Fence around to keep trash from blowing into the water.
Restaurant - Recycled food scraps and sold to the garden people. Used natural lighting from windows instead of electricity.
Sports Stadium - Has solar panel with cells to store the light so it can be used for night play.
Housing - Every house has a recyling bin and people who live there have to recycle.
Store - Cloth bags instead of plastic.
Bank - CFC lightbulbs
Library - Windows are used instead of electricity
Recycling Center
Cassandra, Ashton, Jocelyn

Pollution Solution #5

Our Land Has:

Amusement Park- We have our amusement park indoors with sound proof walls so that the people that scream on the rides won't pollute the air with their noise. We use the sun instead of electricity by using solar panels for the rides

Habitat for Hummanity- Used recycled materials to build the house. Recycling bins will be in each of the homes.

Church- Use candles instead of electricity during certain times of the day.

Chick-Fillet - Smaller building to use less electricity. Fence to keep trash from blowing around into the water. Recyling bins for the trash.

Recycling Bins-We put them all over our property. The youth from the church would come on the weekend and pick up trash and separate it for recycling.

Mary Claire, Kyle, and Emma

MKEco Friendly Company

Pollution Solution - #4

Since we have three military bases in Beaufort we put a large military base on our property. We made it environmentally friendly by putting together a environmental training program for all soliders. We built a large wall around the water so things would not get in the water. We used solar powered energy for our buildings. We put together a research team to look into solar powered weapons and biodegradable bullets. We would also try to use recycled plastics in our weapons.

Reece, Huntley, Dean

Pollution Solution #3

On our land we had -
Combined Police/Fire Station - We built it with soundproof walls and only had the lights tested not sirens to keep the noise pollution down.
Animal Shelter - Soundproof walls to keep noise pollution down.
Fences around the water so people could not throw trash in the water.
There were no cars allowed on our property. There were sidewalks. People could bike or use electric cars.
There would be trash cans and recycle bins around the property.
Gym and School - Soundproof walls. CFC light bulbs. We built an indoor sports fields to keep down the noise and trap in any garbage that might be left behind from going into the river.
Connor, Carson, and Cherri

Polution Solution #2

On our land we have:

Tree Mill - On the mill when we cut the trees down for wood we replanted new ones them.

Combined Emergency House (hospital, fire department and police station)- We put them all together in one building in order to save electricity. We used solar panels.

Outback Restaurant - Instead of using stoves we had outdoor fire pits. We recycled the food scraps and sold them to farmers as compost.

Eco-Village - These are houses with solar panels and they have a strict recyling program.

School - We used candles instead of electricity (even though Mrs. Heaton said that wasn't the safest way to light a school).

Library - We had a glass roof so light would come in and be used on sunny days reducing the amount of electricty the building used.

Zoo - Used the animals poop to make compost.

Jackson, Jordan and Alexis

Pollution Solution #1

Walmart- We use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. We use solar powered lights, so we don't waste electricity.

Power Plant- We use solar energy, we do not use coal, and we have the employees recycle.

Kobes-We use solor panels to use as light, Our workers recycle the left overs to farmers to compost.

Farm- The farm grows food for Walmart and Kobes. They also use the manure of the horse and they turn it into compost. Also, they use solar powered lights.

Taylor, Brandon, and Jesse

Pollution Solution #7

There was an uneven grouping with our Pollution Solution project so I took the last unused parcel of land to develop. On my land I put a school complex that had an elementary, intermediate, and high school. I put in a Park n' Ride lot where folks have to park and either walk, bike, or take an electric cart to their assigned school. All schools were powered in part by solar panels on their roof. There would be trash collection bins and recycling bins throughout the complex with a team of students from each school who would be responsible for collecting and emptying bins. Uniforms will be made from recycled plastics (something I saw at a training and thought was really cool - specifically the tshirts, which would be different color greens to tell the students apart from each eco-school). There would be an active greenhouse and garden so that the school could reduce the number of large trucks driving into the property and across country to deliver produce for our schools (part of the buy and grow local campaign). There would be a worm farm composting area so that scraps could be recycled and reused in the garden and greenhouse. Again, there would be student teams from each school who would maintain. There would be a nature trail by the water with trash collection bins there as well.
Mrs. Heaton

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Earth - The Movie

The fourth and fifth grade combined to see Earth the movie. We all enjoyed it and we were amazed at all the things that were in the movie that we have learned in class - from weather to space. This is definitely one to purchase for the classroom. We were excited to learn that next Earth Day another movie will be coming out about oceans.

Mrs. Heaton

Pizza Party

Our class entered a contest held by Beaufort Jasper Water Authority to produce a water wise poster for Clean Drinking Water month (May). The grand prize winner came from our classroom and school and we received a pizza party!

Mrs. Heaton

Monday, May 11, 2009


A couple of months ago I had my students enter the Doodle for Google contest that asked students in various age categories to best represent the theme "My wish for the world" using the google logo. I turned this into their weekly writing assignment that I had students complete a doodle and a short writing assignment to go with it. I took the top six doodles and write ups and entered them into the competition.

They posted the regional winners today online and I just about fainted with excitement when I saw that our regions winner was none other then our own Hayden Furman!!!!

The contest has now entered the online voting phase that runs from today (May 11 to May 18). We need as many people from around the world as possible to help vote for Hayden Furman's doodle. Our school will win some much needed technology grant money should he take the top doodling prize.

Please help and vote for Hayden's google at: (he is listed under grades 4-6 and is representing region 4).

Thank you!

Mrs. Heaton

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Best Part of Me Assignment - Explained

As any good teacher does we borrow ideas from others and this was one I borrowed from a friend of mine at Beaufort Elementary School (thanks Mrs. Porter!).

We read the book The Best Part of Me, which is a collection of free verse poetry that upper elementary school students created about a part of their body they consider the best part of them.
Some of the writing scanned in lightly but if you click on the picture it will open up into a larger screen making it easier to read.
Mrs. Heaton

The Best Part of Me - Ashton

The Best Part of Me - Brooke

The Best Part of Me - Jesse

The Best Part of Me - Carson

The Best Part of Me - Reece

The Best Part of Me - Patrick

The Best Part of Me - Titus

The Best Part of Me - Dean

The Best Part of Me - Taylor

The Best Part of Me - Cherri

The Best Part of Me - Matthew

The Best Part of Me - Jordan

The Best Part of Me - Kirstin

The Best Part of Me - Hayden

The Best Part of Me - John

The Best Part of Me - Marlon

The Best Part of Me - Maritza

The Best Part of Me - Nathan

The Best Part of Me - Timothy