Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chalk It Up Festival


Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

Our school has a Kids Club and the organizer (teacher Ms. Howard) sponsored a Chalk-It-Up event one evening for families. Teachers, students, and families were invited to sign up for a 4x4 chalk square and create a design in front of the school. The event ran from 5-7 p.m. and was covered in the local paper. Participants were treated to hot dogs, chips, cookies and drink. Many of our parents are excellent artists and so our children. The picture of the state of South Carolina was done by a local artist who designed this years Water Festival (July) t-shirts. My students (featured heavily in this video) put together the awesome Rocket to the Moon square. I was in awe of their artistic ability as well as their ability to work without any direction (I literally sat in a chair and took pictures). It was a nice evening for all.

Mrs. Heaton

james said...

That looks like a very exciting day and I say some beautiful artwort after seeing that I am proud to say all of you are very artistic

Nicole.V said...

i liked the way that you involved both the parents and kids. its amazing that you could afford all the chalk for this expence but its good to know that you obviously spared no expence and that is really good for a school to think of the pupils before the things that the school needs i loved this post and i hope that soon you will be able to visit our blog!

Morrinsville Intermediate New Zealand

Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

Nicole - I forgot to add that the Chalk It Up day was part of a grant that one of our first grade teachers received for putting together an afterschool Kids Club. The Chalk It Up event was sponsored by the Kids Club. There was no way we could have paid for it without the grant. I'm glad you mentioned the expense. Hopefully your question, and my explaination, might give another teacher the same grant writing idea. It was a fun event.

Mrs. Heaton

Anonymous said...

hey mrs.heaton what are you up to this year? savannah h