Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pollution Solution #7

There was an uneven grouping with our Pollution Solution project so I took the last unused parcel of land to develop. On my land I put a school complex that had an elementary, intermediate, and high school. I put in a Park n' Ride lot where folks have to park and either walk, bike, or take an electric cart to their assigned school. All schools were powered in part by solar panels on their roof. There would be trash collection bins and recycling bins throughout the complex with a team of students from each school who would be responsible for collecting and emptying bins. Uniforms will be made from recycled plastics (something I saw at a training and thought was really cool - specifically the tshirts, which would be different color greens to tell the students apart from each eco-school). There would be an active greenhouse and garden so that the school could reduce the number of large trucks driving into the property and across country to deliver produce for our schools (part of the buy and grow local campaign). There would be a worm farm composting area so that scraps could be recycled and reused in the garden and greenhouse. Again, there would be student teams from each school who would maintain. There would be a nature trail by the water with trash collection bins there as well.
Mrs. Heaton

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Jeff Lewis said...

I like that there will be fewer trucks coming in because you are growing your own food. Great idea!