Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pollution Solution #6

We had a lot of things on our land. Probably a little too much because we were not thinking about all the trees and animals we were affecting. But on our land we had....
Bike rentals
Nursing Home - Solar panels. Recyling.
Animal Shelter - Soundproof walls. Solar panels
School - Recyling, solar panels
Church - Solar panels, recycling
Hospital - Solar panels, soundproof walls, recycling
Garden - Grew food and sold it locally so people didn't have to drive in with big trucks. Used compost as fertilizer.
Hotel - CFC lights. Recycling. Purchased food from garden.
Pool - Fence around to keep trash from blowing into the water.
Restaurant - Recycled food scraps and sold to the garden people. Used natural lighting from windows instead of electricity.
Sports Stadium - Has solar panel with cells to store the light so it can be used for night play.
Housing - Every house has a recyling bin and people who live there have to recycle.
Store - Cloth bags instead of plastic.
Bank - CFC lightbulbs
Library - Windows are used instead of electricity
Recycling Center
Cassandra, Ashton, Jocelyn


Daniel said...

I really liked the way you put everything you had for your land.You guys did a SUPERB job.

devon said...

I like how you put a militery bace in your river funt poster

Lydia said...

you guys did really good.I like that you have a libary. We have a pool to

Miguel said...

I like how you put a nursery home in your community.

devon said...

I think you should use more bliding
in your river frunt poster next time?

Jose R. said...

You guys did a great job on the details.You guys put a little to much stuff.Overall that was really good.

Ramiro said...

good job but you need airplanes.

Haley said...

you guys like sea food to!!

Carlos said...

You did well on not polluting.You mite whant to make more space for the animals.I liked your writing.

Servando said...

Why does the animal shelter need sound proof walls?

Sharon said...

You put a lot of details in your story. I think you should fix the first sentence. It is so cool.

Cynthia said...

I really liked the ideas you guys came up with.I think you should make it clearer.I loved it.We also put a hospital.

Anonymous said...

Ashton, Cassie, and Jocelyn I really loved your piece of land! I loved everything you guys did you guys are so cool!

Mary Claire