Monday, May 11, 2009


A couple of months ago I had my students enter the Doodle for Google contest that asked students in various age categories to best represent the theme "My wish for the world" using the google logo. I turned this into their weekly writing assignment that I had students complete a doodle and a short writing assignment to go with it. I took the top six doodles and write ups and entered them into the competition.

They posted the regional winners today online and I just about fainted with excitement when I saw that our regions winner was none other then our own Hayden Furman!!!!

The contest has now entered the online voting phase that runs from today (May 11 to May 18). We need as many people from around the world as possible to help vote for Hayden Furman's doodle. Our school will win some much needed technology grant money should he take the top doodling prize.

Please help and vote for Hayden's google at: (he is listed under grades 4-6 and is representing region 4).

Thank you!

Mrs. Heaton


NZWaikato said...

Wow! What an amazing achievement, will do with the voting, will put a post up on our blog about it to!
Mr Webb

edublog said...

Fantastic. I just voted for it. It is a great piece of work. I'll have my students take a look as well.

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Heaton, thank you SO SO much for entering me in the contest. I am so exited about going to New York. Thanks!

Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

Thank you everyone for supporting Hayden! Hayden - You are more then welcome for entering you in the contest. I hope you have an awesome time and we expect a full report in class when you get back from NYC.

Mrs. Heaton

Miss T said...

Outstanding. Am just on my way over to vote!

Anonymous said...

This is a great acheivement for your class everybody must have worked hard. Great work with your google doodle Hayden its really cool!

Megan(rm10) said...

Wow thats great !
I think thats a great acheivment for Hayden.
Good luck.
Its a great piece of art.
How much students entered all up ?

Morrinsville Intermediate
New Zealand

Jeff Lewis said...

Wow! Congratulations Hayden and Mrs. Heaton. I just voted!

jessica (rm10mis) said...

this is a great google doodle Hayden! I like they way you made the google letters mix in with the pictures. This is a competition I have not heard about yet and think it is a great idea.

Great work,
jessica, room10 Morrinsville intermediate.