Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Extra Credit

Students, there is a third grade teacher who is making a presentation this week about student blogging. She is trying to get feedback from students to share at her presentation.

She asked if we had time to please respond to a post on her blog. If you respond to her questions I will give you extra credit points. Her student blog can be reached by clicking on Let me know if you posted by commenting on this request and I will put your extra credit points in the grade book.

Mrs. Heaton

Monday, January 26, 2009

No Name Calling Week

Picture by Connor

This week is No Name Calling Week (

In the article "We Can Stop Bullies" (Time Magazine for Kids, November 2008) it states that, "Youth must be part of the solution" when it comes to all forms of bullying in schools.

The blog question this week then is, how can you stop bullying in our school and community?

Mrs. Heaton

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Perfect Pet - Cheetah

Cheetahs make good pets because they eat leftovers. Cheetahs are so cute. They are nice when you treat them right. You can train them. They protect you from danger. They 're good hunters. They are found at the zoo or in Africa. If you want one you better get a lot of space for it . They are mean when we don't feed them or treat them right.

Perfected Pet a Mustang

A mustang makes a good pet because you don't have to have a lawn mower, it eats grass. You never ever have to pay for gasoline because it will replace your car. It's a cool way to get to school. It's better than getting bit by a cat or dog. It's better easer to handle. It's more fun to play with then a normal pet. Everyone should have a horse!

The Perfect Pet: Hedghogs

A Hedghog is the perfect pet because no predeters can find it. Hedghogs are spiky so they can protect you.Align Center You can tell if it needs to go to the vet because it would be eating a dead frog.
You would not need a bug extermenater because they eat bugs. You don't need to worry about animals bothering it. It has plenty of spikes to protect itself.


Perfect Pet - Puma

A puma is a perfect pet because if you ever get lost they can sniff until
they find your sent. The second reason is that they would get you to school much faster and easier because they can carry the body weight weight of a small child! The third reason is that they will defend you and your friends from strangers. Another reason is that they will find you and your family food so you will never go hungry. The last reason is that they will always be a freind by your side.

Carson and Kyle

Perfect Pet - Dolphin

We think that a Dolphins should be a good pet for us. We think this because they are friendly to people. They are very cute animals. You can train them to resuce the people from drowning. If you have a pool a dolphin can play with you and you can teach it to do tricks. There are different kinds of Dolphins that live around the world. There is a pink Dolphin in the Amazon. We would like to have a Dolphin as a pet!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Perfect Pet (Elephant)

A Elephant will make a perfect pet because you can take a shower outside. It takes you around town. It makes you feel royal because on movies most kings, and queen have them. Some of the Elephants have cute babies. You can have a pool party all most all the time with the water that comes form their trunks. Thats why you sould have a Elephant as a pet.

Perfect Pet - Wolf

Wolves sometimes eat scraps so you will not have a trashcan.

They run fast so you do not need a car.

Wolves protects you from bullies so no one will mess with you.

Gray wolves have warm,wooly so you will not need a pillow.

Wolves are not picky eaters so you can feed them anything.


Perfect pet:Ball Python

Have you been looking for a pet? Then the Ball Python is a perfect pet for you. As you can see in the picture Ball Pythons are very friendly. Infact if you get a Ball Python you'll get to see a mouse get eaten whole. Who wouldn't want to see that? A Ball Python is also good with kids. Even the ones under the age of three! Isn't that just nice to know that your kid will be safe around there best friend as long as the Ball Python is there. So what are you waiting for get a Ball Python already!!!!! Mariela & Brooke

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Perfect Pet - Sugar Glider

I think a Sugarglider is a perfect pet because, it is soft and sometimes friendly. It is also cool to watch them glide from tree to tree. It is also easy to feed because it eats vermin and lots of fruit. When its a baby it is easy to train. It only makes noise when its scared. They are small so they don't take up alot of space. This is why a Sugargliders are a perfect pet. Get one today!

Jackson and Brandon

Perfect Pet - Fennec Fox

Fennec foxes would make good pets because they are cute and cuddly. They are soft and can be tamed. They can hear from a mile away. So they can protect you and warn you if someone is coming. That is good because the Fennec Fox is so cute people will want to steal them! They also have sharp teeth and like to eat meat so they can get rid of your leftovers and chase off squirrels and deer from eating your flowers. This is why I think Fennec Foxes would make good pets.

Perfect Pet Elephant

Are you planning on getting a pet? Here is an idea for you. How about an elephant? It can make your own art work. People would stare at it and wonder how you did it for hours. You would also have your own personal limo. You could save lots of money and time. It's a fun way to take a bath,too. Your cranky children will never fuss about taking a bath ever again. It would reach things that are high up also. No more breaking your back. Now do you consider getting an elephant? if so go to to your local pet shop and ask for one today!

Perfect Pet - Guinea Pig

A guinea pig is the perfect pet because they are fun, cuddly, and are very clean... well most of the time. I have a guinea pig called Hippo he is very sweet. I love my guinea pig. Guinea pigs will eat lettuce, and other veggies so if you hate them feed them to your pet guinea pig! The love to lay down on you and just get pet. Want to know if they are hungry? Just listen for their adorable squeak. Everyone should own a guinea pig.


Baboon For a Pet

A Baboon for a pet?!?! Baboons are very helpful when you lose your frisbee up in the tree. They can climb the tree to get to the frisbee. You never need to worry about the trouble with babysitters. They are good with kids when you go out. You never have to worry about paying a penny. Baboons will not make a whole lot of noise unless you say a funny joke. You could show it off to your friends. Over all the pets a Baboon is the best.

Connor and Mary Claire

Perfect Pet - Aye-Aye

An Aye-Aye would be a good pet because you can practice running with it. Also you can swim with it and it turns yellow in water. It can feed you with it's tail. Another fact is it can teach you how to climb trees. You can sleep with it every night. The last fact is that it is a personal alarm clock because it slaps you in the face.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Student Animoto

Lattice Multiplication

Students explain how to use lattice multiplication to solve large number multiplication.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Leeches - Perfect Pets

A leech for a pet?!?!? Why not I say! They are very low maintenance and require only a moist environment and some food. They are very small and don't take up too much space. They will never ever shed and you certainly will never hear a peep from them. They will make your friends jealous and you will become instantly interesting to just about anyone. The only downside to having a pet leech, that I can see, is the blood it will need to eat so the squimish or people who faint should not even think about it. For all others....find yourself a pet leech today!

Mrs. Heaton

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

What is your New Year's resolution for the year 2009?

Don't forget....

1. State your resolution
2. State why it is your resolution
3. Explain how you are going to acheive your resolution

Remember to sign your first name only to the post (sadly I forgot when posting...mine is the first one about wanting to drink more water).

Mrs. Heaton