Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Perfect Pet: Hedghogs

A Hedghog is the perfect pet because no predeters can find it. Hedghogs are spiky so they can protect you.Align Center You can tell if it needs to go to the vet because it would be eating a dead frog.
You would not need a bug extermenater because they eat bugs. You don't need to worry about animals bothering it. It has plenty of spikes to protect itself.



Anonymous said...

hey i would not like a hedghog as a pet what if you sit on them by you think it would hurt so you needed a fact if you mastake it as a chair????

savannah harrington

taylorj said...

I think a hedghog can be a good pet. You can put your homework on the Hedgehog's spikes ang rip it off the Hedgehog's spikes. Thanks


Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

I would love to have Hegdhog as a pet because you canput your homework or anything eles you hate you can put it in the Hegdhogs spikes and push it down and rip t apart.