Friday, January 16, 2009

Leeches - Perfect Pets

A leech for a pet?!?!? Why not I say! They are very low maintenance and require only a moist environment and some food. They are very small and don't take up too much space. They will never ever shed and you certainly will never hear a peep from them. They will make your friends jealous and you will become instantly interesting to just about anyone. The only downside to having a pet leech, that I can see, is the blood it will need to eat so the squimish or people who faint should not even think about it. For all others....find yourself a pet leech today!

Mrs. Heaton

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Jan said...

Hi Mrs. Heaton

Wow, what a busy and exciting classroom you have! We are really happy to have you join in on the conversations Bringing Us Together. A great place to start is by leaving a comment on a post, or by visiting the class and student blogs in the sidebars and saying hi. Great to meet you through blogging!