Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Perfect Pet Elephant

Are you planning on getting a pet? Here is an idea for you. How about an elephant? It can make your own art work. People would stare at it and wonder how you did it for hours. You would also have your own personal limo. You could save lots of money and time. It's a fun way to take a bath,too. Your cranky children will never fuss about taking a bath ever again. It would reach things that are high up also. No more breaking your back. Now do you consider getting an elephant? if so go to to your local pet shop and ask for one today!


Anonymous said...

I want an elephant!! I want one now! Of course, Jocelyn may be upset at the idea of having to clean up after such a beast!
Mrs. Thompson

Anonymous said...

I would love to have the biggest animal in the animal kingdom(ELEPHANTS YA)


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Sarah I would love to have an elephant as a pet