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Coral Reef Winners

Congratulations go out to Taylor and Titus who won first and second place in the Nation Marine Sanctuary Foundation/Hawaii Ocean Gardian Kids Club coral reef contest. To see their winning entries go to:

Mrs. Heaton

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Penn Center - Nathan

The grass is dull because it was winter. There were cool animals (goats, a pony, a sheep, and a turkey.) Lot of people were there. I learned alot about slaves. There was a funny man who told stories.


Penn Center - Titus

Today all the fourth grade classes went on a feild trip to Penn Center. Penn Center was an all black American school for free slaves. It has been there scence 1862 and closed in 1948. We heard a senior citizen speak to us who used to go to school there. It was very interesting.

Penn Center - John

At Penn Center we saw a lot of animals. There were goats , sheep and a turkey. Two goats were fighting. There was a long performance about a spider named Anansi. I had lots of fun.

Penn Center-Hayden

Penn Center was fun. Some people at Penn Center spoke gullah. Gullah is a language that African American slaves spoke here in South Carolina. We learned an interesting song with a game to go with it. We also got to see sheep, goats, a pony, and a turkey! I had tons of fun at Penn Center.


Penn Center - Quentin

The Penn Center was a great adventure. The first thing I saw was a cool African American. The man was dark skinded with a black, yellow, and reddish rag. A heard a cool sound of the thumb piano that he played for us. He let me play it. He taught us some African words. We had a really good time. I hope I get to do it again soon.



This picture is when we were at Penn Center. We were looking at the animals. There were goats, turkeys, a ram and a sheep. It was really fun petting the amimals. Some of the goats were fighting with their horns. Everybody was laughing when that happend. Also, some of the goats were pushing each other off of the step. The turkey had a red, nasty, moist thing on the bottom of his chin. I hope the other kids that go there will enjoy Penn Center.

Penn Center-Johnnie

At Penn Center it was fun with my cousins and friends. We all had a great time eating our lunch that we made. We liked the goats, pony, and turkey that we saw at Penn Center. It was sad that they were running away from me. My cousin was with me the whole entire time and with my friends.

Penn Center-Timothy

I saw an African man with a thumb piano. He told us a story from long time ago. I saw sheep, goats, and a pony. I saw other students from other schools. I saw a student of the Penn School.

My Lunch at Penn Center-Kendrick

My lunch at Penn Center was delicious and divine. I had a penaunt butter and jelly sandwich, and a sweet red ruby grapefriut tropicana. My freind Timothy had a lunchable and so did his twin brother Titus. We had fun eating our awsome food. Mrs. Heaton caught someone with a cell phone in another school. That's what it is like at a cool place like Penn Center.


Penn Center- Mary Claire

Today our class went on a Field Trip. We went to Penn Center. One thing we did while we were there was we had to do an Black History Scavenger Hunt. They had tables set up for us to just go around and look for the information. We also got to pet the animals at this little ring. They had one donkey, 4 goats and about 5 mountain goats. At the begging they had us sit in this little auditorium. The guy played a lot of instruments one was a thumb piano. In conclusion, we had a lot of fun at Penn Center.

Penn Center - Savannah

This picture is of me and all of my friends. This picture was taken at the Penn Center when we were having lunch. We ate outside in this picture. The other class we went with ate right beside the buses. There were four different schools that went. I hope that I will be able to go back to the Penn Center some day.


Penn Center-Kirstin

I love this picture because it reminds me when I was a little girl. When I heard the African songs I didn't know I felt like clapping my hands and stamping my feet. It sounded cacophonous to me. The man sounded and looked just like a real African. The color of his skin looked like obsidian, the smell was fragrance, the feel of the buildings felt metallic.


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Blog Post of the Week - Advice for Teachers

I got the following question from Mrs. Hines classroom blog in Beaufort, NC and I thought it was a good one. So I ask the same...

"If you could give your teachers some advice about how to help you learn, what would you say?
What is something that every teacher should know, but you don’t think they do?"