Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brandon/Jackson - Sugar Gliders Report

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Carolyn Wojtera said...

Hello Mrs. Heaton's Class,
I enjoyed the flying squirrel report. I had a flying squirrel when I was little. The tree it lived in fell down in a storm and it was the only surviving baby. We kept it in a cage until it was big enough to survive in the wild. We named it Rocky. Can you guess why? Come visit our class blog!

inpi said...

Sugar Gliders are very cute and this work is really awesome!
stora Ines

Jose said...

I absolutely love sugar gliders! my friend got one last year and I always go over his house and play with it. Great job on the report!


Anonymous said...

suar gliders look like interesting and
good pets!


Anonymous said...

It was a very nice report. I hope to see you guys do more things like this yes it was alot of work ,but your report was wonderful. I also want the rest of the class to hurry up so I can see theirs.


Anonymous said...

you guys did great!!!!


Anonymous said...

You guys did awsome!!


Anonymous said...

That was great!


Anonymous said...

Dear Brandon and Jackson I think you did really well on your report. I can't wait until the rest of the class gets theres doneso I can watch their report..

Savannah p.s. hope you got a 100 no your report.