Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Penn Center- Mary Claire

Today our class went on a Field Trip. We went to Penn Center. One thing we did while we were there was we had to do an Black History Scavenger Hunt. They had tables set up for us to just go around and look for the information. We also got to pet the animals at this little ring. They had one donkey, 4 goats and about 5 mountain goats. At the begging they had us sit in this little auditorium. The guy played a lot of instruments one was a thumb piano. In conclusion, we had a lot of fun at Penn Center.


Anonymous said...

MaryClaire you did really good on your report and thank you for posting to my report. I hope Mariela post to you and mabie she'll post to everyone in the class.


Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

Dear Maryclaire,

Thankyou for posting to my blog your the best friend I ever had.