Friday, May 29, 2009

Doodle 4 Google Trip


Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

One of our students was selected as a regional finalist for the Doodle for Google contest. Here is his story of his trip to New York with the other finalists.

Mrs. Heaton

Anonymous said...

This was WONDERFUL!!!! I am so ABSOLUTELY excited for you Hayden!!! You are truly a wonderful representative of our school and our region! I am glad that you loved NYC! (I have a very special place in my heart for it too since I grew up not so far from there!!) It was awesome to see how many great pictures your Mom took of the Googleation Celebration(That's my creation word for Google and vacation! Ha ha)It touches me that you cared enough to thank everyone at the end, too! EVERYONE was and is soooooo proud of your accomplishment!!! HOORAY FOR YOU!!!!
Mrs. Clancy
P.S. Mrs. Heaton, Thanks for making this movie. What a treat! You're the best!
P.P.S. Hayden you'll have to come see my NYC-themed bathroom sometime. I have it decorated with NYC taxis! It's yellow, bright and fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hayden I'm glad that you got to go to NYC because you deserved it! I really enjoyed watching your photo story! That bike was awesome that was really cool. Did you enjoy your first time on an airplane! Great Job Hayden!!!

Anonymous said...

I am happy you won the cobntest. I never been New York. I bet it was fun up there. I like your poster.Someday I would like to go to New York.


Anonymous said...

Dear Hayden,

I think that you did really good on your photo storie.I like how you use all your pictures from New York..


Kelly Berry said...

Wow! What an amazing reward for your hard work Hayden. I thought your slideshow and commentary were great!

Great work,

Mrs. Berry
1st Grade
Alsup Elementary, CO

hunter said...

Mrs. Heaton,
Thank you you very much for helping Hayden put together this wonderful slide show. Your excitement and encouragement is contagious. You're the best !

D. Furman

Anonymous said...

Dear Hayden, we are very proud of you. Your description of your FIRST trip to New York was very interesting. It made us even happier for you and your Mom. We can't wait to see you and give you a hug in person.
Connor's Grammy & Grampy
p.s all of our friends (and there are many) voted for your doodle!!!!