Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Polution Solution #2

On our land we have:

Tree Mill - On the mill when we cut the trees down for wood we replanted new ones them.

Combined Emergency House (hospital, fire department and police station)- We put them all together in one building in order to save electricity. We used solar panels.

Outback Restaurant - Instead of using stoves we had outdoor fire pits. We recycled the food scraps and sold them to farmers as compost.

Eco-Village - These are houses with solar panels and they have a strict recyling program.

School - We used candles instead of electricity (even though Mrs. Heaton said that wasn't the safest way to light a school).

Library - We had a glass roof so light would come in and be used on sunny days reducing the amount of electricty the building used.

Zoo - Used the animals poop to make compost.

Jackson, Jordan and Alexis


Miguel said...

I like howyou put a emergncy home in your community.

Servando said...

I like the Idea of a Hospital,police station,and fire station put together to save electricity. But trees grow slowly and it will take time for them to grow so you might run out of trees so how will you make that not happen?

Ramiro said...

good good job but you need a school.

Fernando said...

Good you will youse animal poop to make soil.The thing is trees dont grow so quicly.You had a glass roof in the library.

Gabriel said...

You did a really good job on your pollution solution.I really liked your picture.

Lydia said...

you guys did good.I like how you guys use candles instead of lights.we have a school to.

dust said...

I surely must not miss reading more of your articles. I haven't have such a good read in a long time. Very good job.