Thursday, December 11, 2008

Question #2

Describe the moon and its affect on Earth.


Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

The moons affect on Earth. One affect the moon has on the Earth is it givs us tides. It also gives night. Also The moon gets it's light from the sun. Lastly the sun can have many different fazes.


Anonymous said...

The moons affect on Earth is that the moons pull on Earth makes are tides. Each day the tides change to either high tide or low tide at differnt times of the day. It takes hours for the tide to change. When it is high tide the water is over the marsh. When it is low tide the water is right where the marsh is.


Anonymous said...

The moons affect on earth is that it pulls tides, every 6 and one half hours. The moon has many diffrent fazes. One of the fazes is New Moon. Anoter thing is the moon goes around us in 29 and one half days. The moon is very facinating.


Anonymous said...

The Moon Is rocky solid and non-gravitational. It pulls on the Earth witch makes tides. When the moon pulls one side is lowtide and the other side is hightide. In 6:15 minuets it's lowtide where hightide was. If it was hightide 12:30 minuets later it would be hightide again.


Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

the sun is importent to us, and so is the moon. the moon gives us tides, light at night, and can be fun to watch at times. the moon gives us tides wene its graviatinol field pulls on us. the light we see on it at night is the suns reflection. as some can see, my moon is importent me.

Anonymous said...

The moons affect on earth. One effect the moon has on earth is. It gives us tides. It gives us tides because the gravity pulls us and makes our tides. Another reason is that the moon gives us night. That is because the moon reflects the sunlight off of the sun.


Anonymous said...

The moon affect on Earth. The moon gives our tides. Every day our tides changes. It takes 6.5 hours to change. There is 4 tides each day.


Anonymous said...

The moons affect on Earth. One effect on Earth is that moon give us light. The reason why the moon gives us light is because the sun reflects light off the moon. The moon also gives us tides.Each day the moon gives high tide or low tide at different times of the day. The moon also give us night and day. When it is 12:00 p.m the cresit is out. There are eight kinds of moon phases . There is new moon , wanning cresit, 1 quarter moon , wanning gibous , full moon , waxing gibous , last quarter moon ,waxing cresit.