Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Saturn is one of the largest planets in the Solar System
One of the phases of the moon is the waxing cresent
Low tides happens two times a day
Asonomers study the stars and planets
Rocky planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

Sun is important to us because it gives us energy
You should never look at the sun because it can hurt your eyes
Seasons because Earth is tilted the sun's rays strike the planet at different angles
The sun is a star
Earth is the third planet and a rocky planet
Mercury is closest planet to the sun


Mrs. Heaton's Blog said...

I was very impressed by your typing skills today! It looked like you were having fun.

Mrs. Heaton

Anonymous said...

Martiza I like how you discribed every thing that you learned.You did a great job!!!!               Alexis