Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Sun gives us heat and light. This is important because animals and plants would freeze without it.

Our solar system has 8 planets. Their names are Mercury, Venus, earth, Mars,Jupiter, saturn,Uranus, and Neptune.

Light on the moon comes from the sun.

A shooting star is a astroid that has come into earths atmospere.

Rockey planets are smaller than gas giants.

Stars besides the sun are to far away for us to feel their heat.

You can walk on the moon and your foot prints will stay there forever
Saturn is known for its rings.
The earth is the only planet with life because it is the only planet that is just the right distance away from the sun.
Earth is the third planet from the sun
Mercury is the closest plenet to the sun but not as hot as Venus

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Anonymous said...

Good job on your poem. You know more about the solar system than I do! Also, I can't wait to race you on those four mile runs.
Love you,