Friday, March 13, 2009

Our School


NZWaikato said...

Mrs Heaton. I want to thank you and your class so much for conducting this tour of the school. I will show this to my students on Monday and its wonderful to get a feel of the school (we really need to copy off this and do something like it ourselves truth be told). Wonderful, wonderful work. We'll be discussing this in class Monday morning!
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Heaton you did a good jod doing "Our School" slide show.


Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

Thank you Mr. Webb. I need to add a last slide and I forgot to take pictures of the playground area but it was our first attempt. We would love to see a tour of your school as well.

Mrs. Heaton

Live and Learn said...

Applause! Applause! You did a wonderful job on that tour. I can see why you are so proud of your school!

I agree with Mr. Webb, we all need to copy this idea! I feel like I have such a good feel for where Mrs. Heaton's class works now.

I am also going to share with my class and I'm sure they will want to comment about all the cool pictures and narration you did.

Mrs. Hake

Anonymous said...

Its a good thing you made this in case I forgot what one of my old schools looked like.

Mariela p.s. It gives me joy when you post things.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Heaton I really liked the voicethread that you did of our school. This way I will always remember my school. You are the best teacher ever.

Mary Claire

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Kyleigh from beaufort sc I am Mary Claire's cousin. I would like to say that this is a very nice voicethread. I am from Shell Point Elementary and I will be attending the uniform voicethread in Mrs. Browns Class. I would like to tell Maritza that I miss her and Champ wanted to say hi! Thank you! BY!!!