Monday, March 2, 2009

International Moon Phase Question

A student in our class (Kendrick) was wondering if the phases of the moon that we see here in South Carolina is the same phase of the moon seen by everyone around the world. So we pose this question to all our international visitors...What phase of the moon are you looking at now?

Please comment to this post and note the day, country location, and moon phase in your area. We will keep track and compare moon phases around the world to our own.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Mrs. Heaton's Class


Anonymous said...

Hi Grade 4 and teacher Eve

It was good to hear about your project on finding out about the moon's phases all over the world. I've just looked it up here in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa.

Today, the 24th February, the moon rises at 4.20 am and sets at 5.45 pm. That means that you'll only see it for a while in the early morning because the light of the sun sort of blots out the moon during the day (though I've seen the moon in a bright daylight sky - how do you explain that?). But you'd be lucky to see anything even if you did tumble out of bed at 4.20, because it's a waning crescent, and a very thin one. I think there'd be very little to see.

Here's a South African weather forecasting site that tells you not only about the moon but also about the weather in Pretoria: They've got it right: it's raining and hot today.

I hope all you guys in South Carolina are fine. All the best.

Sean Morrow

bann said...

Hello Grade 4 and teacher Eve: my name is Barbara, and my husband is Sean, who wrote to you earlier from South Africa. I am in Ireland for a few days, so I thought I would find out what the moon is doing here, and let you know. Today, February 24, the moon rose at 7.04 in the morning, and will set at 5.32 in the evening. This means, as Sean said, that it will hardly be visible during the day, as it will be day light. Also it is cloudy here today, which is an additional reason why it can't be seen. Tomorrow, 25 February, a new moon rises at 1.35 a.m. - the middle of the night.

This is a really interesting idea that you're investigating: hope you're enjoying it a lot.

Best wishes - Barbara Morrow

NZWaikato said...

Mrs Heaton
Thanks for visiting our classroom blog from New Zealand. I haven't shared your visit with the students yet as its before school but I know that they will be thrilled. I have to say I have smelt worm farms, and I am surprised its in the classroom, once they get, er composting, it can have quite an aroma. We will definatly help out with teh International Moon Phase Question if we can from this side of the world. I have some budding astronmers with my Y7 class. If it would be okay we'd like to put a link to your blog on our sidebar. Have a great day and look forward to hearing from you.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato,
New Zealand.

Adrian said...
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Anonymous said...

G'Day Everyone! My name is Adrian and I live near Sydney in Australia.

Sorry for not replying earlier, but there's been way too many clouds down here at the moment to see the moon!

However, today it is a Waxing Cresent so it should be getting brighter from each day, 26 Feb 2009.

I currently fy all over the world as an airline pilot, so I could be on a different side of the earth from one day to the next! I love looking at the moon at night. Each time I travel, it stays the same where ever I go. Hope that helps your studies!

Have fun!


jim alvaro said...

Here in Michigan we are looking at a waxing gibbous moon.

Mrs. Heaton's Class said...

I thought I better leave an update as to how we are doing with our moon phase question.


USA, Michigan (3/4/09) - Waxing Gibbous (we see the same moon phase here in South Carolina)

Sydney, Australia (2/25/09) - Waxing Cresent (we saw the same moon phase here in South Carolina)

Dublin, Ireland - (2/24/09)
Near New Moon(we saw the same moon phase here in South Carolina)

Pretoria, South Africa (2/24/09) - Very Thin wanning cresent (we saw the same moon phase here in South Carolina)

Keep the moon phases coming!

Mrs. Heaton

Larisa Tarasevich said...

Hi Mrs Heaton and your students,
Thanks for visiting our blog. We will be glad to share blogs with you. I think we can learn much new and interesting from each other.
Mrs Tarasevich and my students,
Russia, Aban

Anonymous said...

Hello from Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Today is March 9th, 2009.
We are seeing the full moon now, and if there is any truth to the legend that people act strangely, the evidence is here in class this morning...:) Actually it is because our middle school students are gearing up for our annual skills testing, the Terra Nova. We are heartened by the fact that daylight is here a little earlier in the morning now. In winter we come to school in the dark, with day breaking around 8AM. Darkness comes again around 4:30PM, but since spring is near, our days are growing longer. Daylight is much earlier and eventually, in summer, we will have wonderful, late nights with darkness approaching about 10:30 PM, even as late as 11:00. People stay out late in summer!
Your project is very interesting, and we hope you have fun hearing from everyone all over the world.
Best wishes,
Charlotte Holloman
Ramstein, Germany

Heather Davis said...

Good morning from Beijing, China.
My name is Heather Davis and I teach a Grade Four class at Yew Chung International School.

My class is just starting to study the Moon, Earth and Sun is Science and while researching I came across your blog so I looked up the information.

Today in Beijing it is Thursday, April 16th. Tonight the moon will
be Waning Gibbous - 64% illuminated. Moon rise is at 12:34 AM CST (Chinese Standard Time) and moon set is at 9:48 AM (CST.

I also wanted you to know that Beijing is 12 hours ahead of where you are located.

It is has been fun talking to you.

Ms. Davis and Year 5/Grade 4